Castle Ville Bot Plugin With Coin Hack


>>> Collect Houses
>>> Feed Animals
>>> Chop Trees
>>> Mine Rocks
>>> Clear grass, roots, logs
>>> Tend Flowers
>>> Add Coins

How to:

1. Run CastleVille bot and go to settings
2. Mini browser will appear on the app just go to facebook and log in as you 
    usually do
3. When done just click "start" on the left corner
4. Bot will start to work
5. If you want to stop just click on "stop bot"
6. Enjoy!

Follow The Simple Instructions Below To Get This 
Castle Ville Bot Plugin with Coin Hack

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Guys, i found a very helpful website for gamers like us. I downloaded a hack for Castle Ville and it works well. If you want proof add me up ill show it to you. Visit the website here 

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Castle Ville Bot Plugin with Coin Hack

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Castle Ville Bot Plugin with Coin Hack Password

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