Hacks 4 Every1 Team make hacks all free.
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Q1- How to download files?
Refer to How to Download Section

Q2- Why dont you just upload hacks to rapidshare-megashare-etc?
Just think! If we upload hacks to those sites, tons of people would download them. If we upload to rapidshare-megashare, all hacks would be saturated and it causes all hacks would be detected by game developers.

Q3- It didnt worked. What should i do?
You need to wait that we update the hack. But dont forget there are some difficulties to make this hacks. We cant hack games in 1day or 1week. So please respect us before judging about non-working hacks. Its fully normal situation that our hacks can be detected by game owners after thousands of people download and use them.

Q4- Can you please hack *blabla* game?
We already have a huge list of ongoing hacks.
We dont accept new hack requests just now.

Q5- How can i help you?
Nobody pay us for this job. We do this job just for fun.
And there are some expenses for the website (domain-hosting-etc)
We'll appreciate if you donate.

Hacks 4 Every1

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