How to Download

Step by Step: Guide on How To Download files at Worship My GameHack. 

1. It will redirect you to download page. You have the option to choose to answer ONE survey. Choose a survey that is offered to your country and the easiest one to unlock. IMPORTANT: You are required to fill up a quick survey to avoid abusing and misuse of downloaded hacks. Take note that you are not allowed to resell any of it and mind that these hacks are for personal use only. For our private policy, if these hacks were published beyond expectancy and reached zynga and other game developers, sorry but this site will have to close.

         (Click the Image to Inlarge)

3. "Input real infos, this is important." After completing the survey, your download will automatically start.

4. Visit Worship My Gamehack and feel free to give comments and suggestions about your downloaded hack/cheats.


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